De website van Teamspeler neemt je mee in samenwerking die loont op inclusieve werkvloeren.
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How does Teamspeler help you make the difference? Discover it here.

Have you already discovered all the benefits of cooperation in your organisation or department? If everyone is on the same page the results are amazing. Whether you’re a coffee trader, a construction manager or someone who puts government policy on the map, the Teamspeler mindset helps you achieve your goals. Together we implement smart solutions for inclusive work floors that get the best out of your organisation or department.

Why should Teamspeler matter to you?

Teamspeler knows why collaboration is worth the effort. With your support we get the best out of every single person in your organisation, company or department. Ambitious common goals help you to engage in smart collaborations that supersede the sum of each individual talent. If you employ the Teamspeler mindset you’ll grow as a person, as a department, as an organisation. Together you’ll achieve more.

How does the Teamspeler mindset improve your work floor?

The Teamspeler mindset engages everyone. Inclusiveness is the key to a better, more efficient and successful work floor. Purposeful work processes will stimulate everyone in your organisation or department to find joy in a job well done. And that means they’ll happily go the extra mile when needed. After all, they’re not just personnel. They’re a team. YOUR team!

What exactly is the Teamspeler mindset?

The Teamspeler mindset allows you to view all interactions between your workforce and use that knowledge to make the work environment better, more harmonious and more efficient. Through purposeful exercises and smart alterations the Teamspeler mindset creates meaningful work spots that augment job satisfaction in your team. Together you’ll take up the challenge to achieve your common goals and accumulate successes.

How does Teamspeler help you make the difference? Discover it here.





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Who is Teamspeler?

Hakim Benichou

As son of an fortune-seeking Algerian and a born-and-bred Belgian I learned how to deal with cultural differences from a very young age. That experience I now spread to organisations. My basic principle is: no two people are the same, but every single person should have the same opportunities to grow. I move away from compartmentalisation and towards useful structures that work for everyone. Patterns stuck in the past become new challenges, diversity becomes an asset. In short: I like to discover what we are capable of when we collaborate. Every individual will reap those benefits, but so will companies and society as a whole.


I have a Masters degree in business administration from the KU Leuven, with a specialisation in innovative labour organisation. My thesis – ‘Between a flexible ideal and a bureaucratic reality’ – got me hired as an innovation researcher in elderly care at the sociology department of the KU Leuven. I finished my Masters degree while working for the Flemish Forum of Ethnic Minorities. As a social-cultural worker I was the driving force behind a youth network that connected young people and inspired them go on a path of personal growth, professional development and policy participation. In January 2019 I completed the Financial Management module at the Antwerp Management School, while working as a project coordinator in team labour at Samenlevingsopbouw Antwerp. You can find my full resumé here.